Olgiate Comasco

Olgiate Comasco is an Italian town with 11.479 inhabitants, in the province of Como. It is located in a strategic position as it is only 10km far away from Como, 14km from Varese, 8km from the Swiss borders and 45km from Milan.

The town, that started to be populated in the Gallic era, develops its economy around the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.
Olgiate inhabitants are distributed on the territory and live in the main town and in the districts Boscone and Gerbo.
The Lura stream flows on the left side of the town, where the territory draws an irregular geometric shape, characterized by small mountains: the Morenic hills, protected by Prealpi, and the south-east hills that slowly run towards the Lombard plain.
The view on the Alps complete the stunning panorama.

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