Menaggio is an old town situated in the central area of Como lake, on the western shore, at the beginning of a valley that links Menaggio itself to Lugano lake.

Vacationers discovered Menaggio already at the beginning of the 19th century, attracted by its landscapes and a mild climate. Luxury hotels like hotel Victoria and villas such as Villa Vigoni were built at that time.
The town is made up of a centre and three districts, Croce, Loveno and Nobiallo, and it counts 3200 inhabitants.
The historical centre is divided into an upper part, characterized by medieval little alleys, and a lower part, that overlooks the lake and is characterized by the 19th century architecture.
Menaggio has ancient origins and its historical centre hosts an important artistic inheritance. Menaggio is also a well-equipped touristic centre, with a mild climate, a stunning view on the lake and a small harbour.

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