Campione d'Italia

In Switzerland, on the Ceresio lake, we find one of the most evocative panoramas of Lombardy and the Ticino area, where colours and shades vary every day, every season.

Campione d’Italia is a small town, an Italian exclave with an interesting history. It is a strip of Italian land surrounded by Swiss territories, boasting an ancient artistic tradition and a modern professionalism in the gambling sector. Top rank tourists come from all over the world, also to visit the well-known casino, the biggest in Europe, designed by the architect Mario Botta, where a lot of cultural, entertainment and sport events are organised.
The town occupies a surface of 2.5km, out of which only 1km is on terra firma, and the rest mirrors itself in the Ceresio waters.
Its proximity to Lugano, where the Mediterranean culture meets the Swiss trilingualism, stresses the peculiarity of a territory which lacks of contiguity with the state it actually belongs to, thus assuring the typical Swill quality level, both in terms of safety and well-being.

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