Argegno is a small town on Como lake, with a little more than 600 inhabitants, situated a few km north of Laglio and south of Tremezzo. This little medieval village with roman origins (it owes its foundation to the consul Publio Cesio Archigene) is divided into two by the mouth of the river Telo and the two parts are linked together by a beautiful ancient stone bridge.

In the past, many water factories were situated alongside the stream shores. The historical center of Argenio with its stone houses rises on the shores of Telo river, while the new part is located on the slopes, in a panoramic and sunny area.
Argegno is placed at the very beginning of Valle D’Intelvi, ideal location for beautiful hikes and day trips; with a cable car you can reach Piana di Pigra, an area that overlooks a wide portion of the lake and the whole eastern slope of the valley.

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