Musso Lovely apartment lake view

290.000 EUR
Via Regina
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Lovely apartment on the second floor in a small lake front condo, newly renovated consisting of 2 double bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Three large terraces surround the property. Musso, a small town on Lake Como, is only 12 km away. From the beautiful Menaggio and more north to 11 km from Domaso, a renowned tourist resort. The small town is famous for being one of the two main strongholds of the Medeghino that settled in its inaccessible castle. The village of Musso is gathered in a small creek on the western shore of the Alto Lario at the foot of the rocky spur "Sasso di Musso".  Musso originates from the marble origins of white marble emerging in the Sasso, the marble, white-gray, of excellent quality was widely exploited since Roman times and the inhabited nucleus was mostly populated by cavers, while the remaining agricultural population was Sparse on nearby slopes. Now the Musso quarries have ceased to work. From here come the so-called Roman columns of San Lorenzo in Milan and many pieces of lapidary of that time that are now in Lombard museums.
Address: Via Regina
City: Musso, CO
Property ID : 29
Mq: 105
Mq Terrace: 20
Rooms: 4
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Terraces: 3
Plan: 2
Class: E
Coefficient Class: 120
UM Class: m2
Balconies: No
Grade: Medio
Panorama: Vista Lago
Position: Lago
State of the property: Ristrutturato
Terraces: Tre
Kitchen Type: Abitabile
Living room Type: Soggiorno